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nvidia: Update Nvidia, module now loads on udev hardware-detection + prevent GDM from disabling wayland

Alex Fuller requested to merge altjira/build-meta:update/nvidia into main

nvidia: Update Nvidia to 545.29.02, module now loads on udev hardware-detection + prevent GDM from disabling wayland


The suspend/resume/hibernate systemd's I think are not launching by default yet but they are installed with some symlinks, but carbonOS doesn't support hibernate yet either. udev manages nvidia-persistenced.service with the sysuser nvidia-persistenced.

GDM has a fallback mechanism in 61-gdm.rules which we suppress in this, as there's no to fallback onto. Need to check if it's too heavy-handed for VM detection (however I think any time we don't have wayland it'll crash anyways). One of the detection schemes relies on hibernate/suspend/resume services to be running, so it was easy to just suppress it for now.

Nouveau was getting loaded on-boot and takes over KMS modesetting duties which could be that dracut combines modules when it shouldn't? There's a blacklist for the kernel boot CMDLINE="rd.driver.blacklist=nouveau" to prevent this. Perhaps initramfs should be a part of BOARD builds? I'm not sure, but we may need to consider that in the future (there's a fbdev=1 now for their own framebuffer?)

Tested it in a machine with an RTX 4090 headless, with an amdgpu vega card as display. Confirmed that the nvidia module doesn't load in when I run the image in QEMU. Confirmed /dev/nvidia* devices get populated:

nvidia-modeset nvidia-uvm nvidia-uvm-tools nvidia0 nvidiactl

Fixes #106

Fixes #116

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