Extended user customization

Zabriskije requested to merge Zabriskije/cactus-client:main into main

I've added some variables to extend user customization:


Users now can:

  • Set the comment+name fields background with --cactus-editor-background-color
  • Set the border-block-end color with --cactus-comment-border-color (defaults to .cactus-border-color)
  • Set the character for .cactus-comment-avatar-placeholder::before with --cactus-comment-avatar-placeholder
  • Set the comment general spacing with --cactus-comment-margin-top, --cactus-comment-margin-bottom, and --cactus-comment-gap

I've maintained all the previous defaults for each new variable.

I also removed a duplicate of .cactus-comment-avatar-placeholder::before.

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