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    Build identification strings · a20c0d0f
    Pieter Wuille authored
    All client version information is moved to version.cpp, which optionally
    (-DHAVE_BUILD_INFO) includes build.h. build.h is automatically generated
    on supporting platforms via contrib/genbuild.sh, using git describe.
    The git export-subst attribute is used to put the commit id statically
    in version.cpp inside generated archives, and this value is used if no
    build.h is present.
    The gitian descriptors are modified to use git archive instead of a
    copy, to create the src/ directory in the output. This way,
    src/src/version.cpp will contain the static commit id. To prevent
    gitian builds from getting the "-dirty" marker in their git-describe
    generated identifiers, no touching of files or running sed on the
    makefile is performed anymore. This does not seem to influence
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