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    [DOC] Markdown lists, lists and more lists. · 47f81c66
    Søren Bredlund Caspersen authored and freetrader's avatar freetrader committed
    Get rid of markdown warnings regarding lists (except some MD004) in `doc/release-notes/*.md` and `doc/gitian-building/*.md`.
    Test plan:
    - Run `markdownlint --version` to check that you are on version 0.25.0 or later. If not, install using NPM.
    - From base folder, run `markdownlint -c .markdownlint.json -o /tmp/mdl.out doc/release-notes/*.md doc/gitian-building/*.md`
    - Run `grep -i list /tmp/mdl.out | sed 's/^.* MD0/MD0/g' | sort -u` and check that only one line is output and it contains the MD004 description