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Bugfix/ redirects

2qx requested to merge 2qx/bchnode-web:bugfix/_redirects into master

This PR changes the netlify configuration to better redirect users with a supported language.

Instead of automatically redirecting users to the default english language version of the site, it first directs them to a symlinked copy denoted with an underscore (_).

If a user is viewing a page on the automatically default locale (/_/), but a translation is available ( i.e. accept-language: de), they'll then be redirected further to a translation in their language. (/_/team => /de/team).

If user selects a language manually, they'll be routed to the locale manually as before (i.e .accept-language: en but navigates to /es/). Importantly, after manual selection, they will not be redirected off their selected locale, because they are not on the default shadow locale (/_/).

A similar configuration has been tested on a PR for the repo here:

The configruation can be tested locally with netifly-cli: netlify dev -c 'yarn start' --target-port 3000

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