pyacmecapture: first version

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Created by: ptitiano

First version of the pyacmecapture utility. This command-line utility is designed to capture voltage, current and power samples with ACME.

$ ./ --ip baylibre-acme.local -d 3 -c 1 -n VDD_1
Python ACME Power Capture Utility (version 0.1)

[OK] Parse user arguments
[OK] Check user arguments
[OK] Ping ACME
[OK] Init ACME Cape instance
[OK] Detect probe in slot 1
[OK] Configure capture thread for probe in slot #1
[OK] Start capture
[OK] Stop capture
[OK] Process samples

------------------ Measurement results ------------------
Power Rails: 1
Duration: 3s
VDD_1 (slot 1)
  Voltage (mV): min=12035 max=12048 avg=12042
  Current (mA): min=227 max=228 avg=227
  Power   (uW): min=2731945 max=2747115 avg=2741051

Script execution completed with success.