• Compiler paths: added the "global" compiler. It allows to quickly set the compiler used whatever is the context.
  • Compiler paths: the editors for LDC and GDC are less confusing now, since only one path is needed to specify the std/core paths, unlike for DMD.
  • Editor, Calltips: in the call tips window, the parameter being edited is highlighted. Note that stacking of calltips in nested function calls is for now removed.
  • GDB commander, editor, linux: it is now possible to inspect the variables in a tooltip window displayed when moving the mouse in the code editor.
  • Messages: added support for GNU type messages. Note that the detection of the type (GNU or legacy DMD) is dynamic.
  • MRUs: added an option preventing to remove non existing items, which used to be problematic when using git branches.
  • Terminal, UI: added scrollbar.

Bugs fixed

  • Application, energy consumption: damped a small but constant CPU load, even on idle, caused by several timers.
  • DUB project editor: it was possible to add a property twice.
  • Editor: possible range violation when trying to rename an editor past the EOL.
  • GDB Commander: no scrollbar in the variable inspector.
  • Main menu: shortcuts for the tools not updated after editing the options.
  • Terminal: clearing a temporary line because of automatic check dir caused a reset, clearing the backbuffer.


  • the documentation is updated to be rendered by Gitlab CI or locally, with pandoc.
  • windows binaries are not provided anymore.