Askemos/BALL: The first language implementation to ever make byzantine fault tolerant, applications with "blockchain" style audit practical.

This is the second half of heirloom of the first prototype. (Only from 2009, when moved from svn to fossil.)

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See also: https://ball.askemos.org

Branches of Interest

  • chicken-argvector: "working for developer"; requires recent Chicken
  • fuse-av: should be least difference from chicken-argvector to support fuse mounts.
  • stable: Code in production; requires custom chicken from ball.askemos.org!
  • WoT: tentative code cleanup

This Branch

Branch name: chicken-argvector

Description: Closest to "stable". Changes to support newer Chicken's way of argument passing.

State: working in development

Requirements: Chicken >= 4.12, for more see debian/control

See also branch WoT. Those should become merged.


$ cd ball
$ make askemos-chicken

Create fresh repository in subdirectory ${HOSTNAME}:

$ make respository-c

Start from repository in subdirectory ${HOSTNAME}:

$ make sc

Not really supported:

$ make askemos-chicken.deb # may build a .deb
$ make tar # collect release files requires `make ssx` first