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Add lanelet2aisan converter

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Implemented feature

I've implemented a Lanelet2 OSM to Aisan Vector Map converter.


The recommended HDMap format of Autoware.AI will be Lanelet2 after v1.12.
However, some applications are depending on Aisan Vector Map especially when they are developed by other than Tier IV.
In order to support those applications, we need a converter which converts Lanelet2 to Aisan format.

Implementation description

The code was implemented by refering to Lanelet2 document and Aisan Vector Map document(closed).
The converters are implemented by referring to the values in related fields/classes in different formats.

Test procedure

1 Run converter

roscore &
cd ~/
git fetch feature/add-lanelet2aisan-converter
git checkout -b kenji-miyake/utilities-feature/add-lanelet2aisan-converter FETCH_HEAD
cd ~/
colcon build
rosrun lanelet_aisan_converter lanelet2aisan _map_file:=`rospack find lanelet2_maps`/res/mapping_example.osm _origin_lat:=49.00331750371 _origin_lon:=8.42403027399 _save_dir:=./aisan_vector_map
  1. Visualize using Vector Map Builder
  • Open

    • You need a free account
  • Click File -> Import ADASMap...

  • Click Browse in the popup window named Import ADASMap

  • Select aisan_vector_map folder and click Upload

  • Check if *.csv appeared and click Import

  • Then, the Vector Map will be displayed Screenshot_from_2019-09-06_23-23-54

Edited by Kenji Miyake

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