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    split get_profile_filename into .._from_profile_name and .._from_attachment · ec741424
    Christian Boltz authored
    Split get_profile_filename() into
    - get_profile_filename_from_profile_name() (parameter: a profile name)
    - get_profile_filename_from_attachment() (parameter: an attachment)
    Currently both functions call get_profile_filename_orig() (formerly
    get_profile_filename()) so the behaviour doesn't change yet.
    The most important part of this commit is changing all
    get_profile_filename() calls to use one of the new functions to make
    clear if they specify a profile or an attachment/executable as
    As promised, the is_attachment parameter starts to get used in this
    patch ;-)
    Note: The get_new parameter (which I'll explain in the patch actually
    using it) is set to True in all calls to the new functions.
    The long term plan is to get rid of it in most cases (hence defaulting
    to False), but that will need more testing.
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