[Internal] Filesystem::atomicWrite() performs synchornous write followed by atomic libc rename() request. Intended to provide guarantee of non-partial reads.
[ionCube] PHP 8.2 support.
[SourceGuardian] PHP 8.2 support.
[webapps] available()- report Web Apps available for install.

[Configuration] Type representation in non-debug mode.
[Lararia] Jobs always generate new session. A race condition can arise in which the user requests install in UI, job begins to process, user logs out (destroys session), then elevated backend request goes to cold worker that cannot be resumed.
[Opcenter] cgroup,enabled always calls freshenSite() which in turn invalidates other sessions instantiated against site. Web Apps installed with first-time SSL issuance trigger this behavior introduced in #4f60e7ea, in which the installation shadow session has precedence. Perform loose inspection of parameters to determine freshenSite() requirement.
[PHP] Resuscitating a PHP-FPM pool from a failed state may encounter race condition on asynchronous socket re-enablement + restart operation.
[rspamd] hotfix rspamd/rspamd#4703 [BUG] 3.7.4 fails to start on RHEL 9.3
[vsftpd] C7 always performs rsa_cert_file directive check on start.
[web] Renaming subdomain creates index.html placeholder.

[Backend] Pin hot worker to authentication context.
[Let's Encrypt] All DNS timeouts observe [dns] => lookup_timeout.
[Let's Encrypt] append() honors strict tolerance setting.
[pman] kill() runs as process owner if owner uid meets minimum UID and within user list.
[Users] Limit GECOS to 128 characters. Longer values may result in underruns in re-entrant getpwnam() implementations.