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    NEW: BSARGS= to pass additional arguments to ansible-playbook (upcp) · a4b8eea1
    Hephaestus Builder authored
    FIX: Update Assurance does not detect on automated update (Web Apps)
    FIX: SIGCHLD handler missing in debug mode (apnscpd)
    FIX: intention lost in decomposePath() (Web Apps)
    FIX: translate relocated/symlink paths to the referent (MetaManager)
    FIX: admin path is nullable (Type\Unknown)
    FIX: property access in rar filter (file)
    FIX: Redis memory limit requires int value (mail/rspamd)
    FIX: typo in ionCube workspace location (php/install)
    CHG: improve a variety of synchronization issues with Meta management (Web Apps)
    CHG: graceful ghosted session detection. Job runner for example may fixate on an old, invalid session, between runs which is non-fatal when switching session IDs (Module\Skeleton)
    CHG: apache.evasive- lowercase on/off directive value, handle DOSCanonicalize (Admin\Settings)
    CHG: docroot symlinks no longer return null (tests)
    CHG: bump versions (composer)
    CHG: --enable-zip => --with-zip (build)
    CHG: PHP 7.4, optimization cleanups