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  • 2.1.1

    New features :

    • Sync your manga list over different instances of your favorite browser (option in general, and sync in your browser)
    • First working (usable) version on Firefox for Android
    • Option to check for new version of the extension, be notified right in the popup (option is enabled by default on Chromium based browsers)
    • Open manga chapter page when clicking manga name (in reader and popup)
    • Option to wait for n seconds between two manga update requests (check for new chapters) ACTIVATE this option is you keep being banned from MANGADEX (it requires quite a few mangas on your list)


    • Height of the manga list in reader overflow on buttons
    • Fix security issues with websites implementing CORS
    • Import mangas run in background so you can close the popup and your manga don't stop being imported
  • 2.1.0

    Release V2.1.0

    New Reader :

    • On the online reader, the whole page is removed and replaced with AMR reader
    • more layout options (one page at a time, resize height / container )
    • load chapters quickly and navigate "in the reader", the next preloaded chapter loads instantly
    • display thumbs of the whole manga at the bottom
    • Smooth navigation between pages
    • better ergonomy / design
    • lots of shortcuts
    • improved bookmarks with preview
    • save current page and reload at this position

    Fixes :

    • Improve popup loading time
    • Update Vuetify, fix a few css issues
  • 2.0.6

    Last fix for 2.0.3 bug

  • 2.0.5

    CI glitch Hotfix 2.0.3 issue

  • 2.0.4

    Fix important issue from 2.0.3

  • 2.0.3

    Release V2.0.3 including : Websites implementation improvements (A lot of implementations have been added thanks to these improvements) :

    • Abstract implementation for mirrors (A lot of websites are based on CMS like FoolSlide). Implement once for multiple websites
    • Add a global helper accessible from implementation to reduce implementation code and improve readability
    • Update the interface of websites implementation to be more modern (Promises and ES6 code)

    Languages support, handle multi lingual mangas :

    • in search results, language is taken into account to display results (an implementation can return mangas in different languages on search request)
    • in manga list, some implementations manage manga chapters in different languages, in this case, a flag next to the manga is displayed and allow the user to add other languages for the same manga
    • option with readable languages list and auto deactivation of unreadable implementations
    • language categories : if mangas are read in more than one language, native categories are added to filter by language


    • Improve the way chapters lists are displayed
    • Improve Import functionnality to avoid errors (unknown websites, last chapter read url has been changed, try to guess the best one)
    • Improve bookmarks display by using built in implementation function (allow issues for displaying scans from some websites)
    • Add link in popup to open popup in new tab
    • Upgrade webpack to version 4
    • add a build mode build:dev-watch to hot reload extension in chrome while developing
    • Remove babel and regenerator runtime as browser now supports native ES6

    Fixes :

    • load implementation scripts multiple times and do not free them from memory
    • Force table to be displayed correctly from content script (on some mirrors, scans were forced to the left)
    • Delete unused language categories if needed
    • Add last chapter published label at the end of the chapter if it is the last one while reading (this label disappeared between V1 and V2)
    • popup does not disappear when removing a manga from a group
    • empty manga added from search panel if multiple languages proposed
    • css when displaying a "last time updated badge" on a manga
    • Firefox scrollbar in popup (keep it in detached popup, ie new tab popup)
    • border top radius of manga list if first item is a grouped manga
  • 2.0.2   Hotfix icons issue after 2.0.1 release
  • 2.0.1   First Release V2.0.1