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    New perllibdir and texdir configure opts. Do not substitute linuxdoc.in here. · 5a758994
    Agustin Martin Domingo authored
    * New configure options, texdir and perllibdir, so this addresses are set at
      the configuration stage. Modified debian/rules and Makefile.in to use them.
    * No longer substitute bin/linuxdoc.in from configure. Variables like
      ${pkgdatadir} were replaced unexpended this way. Better replace from
      Makefile as before, so everything (e.g., things like
      ${datadir}/linuxdoc-tools) is replaced fully expanded, as suggested in the
      'Installation Directory Variables' section of the autoconf manual.
    * Other changes in Makefile.in:
      - Explicitly pass perl5libdir to entities Makefile.
      - Pass $(prefix) prefixed with $(DESTDIR) when buildong docs.
    * bin/linuxdoc.in: Make sure we always look in @pkgdatadir@ and @perl5libdir@
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