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    Relocating fmt and mapping files to simpler locations. Simpler symlink handling. · 7cf26ac0
    Agustin Martin Domingo authored
    * lib/dist/fmt* moved to lib/fmt
    * lib/dist/linuxdoc-tools/* moved to lib/mappings
    * lib/mappings/{latin1,nippon}/mapping: use explicit symlinks instead
      of setting them from Makefile.in.
    * lib/LinuxDocTools.pm: Use new locations if nothing is found in previous
    * lib/dtd:
      - Add explicit linuxdoc.dtd and linuxdoctr.dtd symlinks
    * Makefile.in:
      - No longer set latin1 and nippon mappings symlinks
      - No longer set dtd/linuxdoc{,tr}.dtd symlinks here
      - No longer need to set all those linuxdoc* obsolete symlinks
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