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    [#21] Update README and add AGPL 3.0 license · bd704348
    Sam Habiel authored
    - Remove note on this being Alpha software.
    - Remove YottaDB requirement. This software doesn't care if it runs on
    YottaDB or for that matter, GT.M.
    - Simply say we need Octo.
    - Improve copy-pastable instructions to set-up DUZ so that non-VistA
    users can easily use this.
    - Mention that mapping a single file doesn't quite work.
    - Update the function list and install instructions so that it's
    correct. Previously, the install instructions were not complete, and the
    list had omissions and wrong names for functions.
    - Add AGPL 3.0 license in COPYING file.
This project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. Learn more