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    Updated README and documentation building · 8d9a1fa9
    Andrew Brown authored
    * changes to functionality and/or problem solved:
        THe README/quickstart guide has been updated with correct
        information about building the utility suite. The docs for the
        utility suite are built with sphinx, and are included in the main,
        Doxygen docs via a link. CMake now checks to see whether the sphinx
        docs have been built already when executing `make doc_doxygen`. If
        not, then it prints a warning with instructions.
    * subroutines affected:
    * dependencies:
    * changes to required input:
    * status:
        a recent update to pandas has broken some of the functionality in
        the rmt_utilities suite. The requirements have been updated to
        enforce pandas version 1.4.3 or lower. But the utilties will need to
        be updated to work with the most recent version of pandas.
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