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    Migrate Vagrant basebox to Debian Wheezy (Closes #7133, #6736). · 36adf198
    Tails developers authored
    This does a number of things beyond upgrading the basebox distribution
    to Debian Wheezy:
    * Drop Rakefile integration since it relies on Veewee's integration in
      Vagrant, which is broken. Now a workaround is documented.
    * Install the 3.x "from"-port (squeeze's l-b 2.x re-versioned to 3.x
      to replace wheezy's real 3.x) of `live-build` from deb.t.b.org.
    * Bump disk capacity to 15 GB to take into account the larger amount
      of space needed when building Wheezy images (#7133). This should
      also future-proof this aspect a bit.
    * The documented process for buliding new baseboxes, in particular the
      part that gives each one a new name, not only *works* (as opposed to
      the old docs, and the Rakefile integration) but should also solve
      #6736. The different name implies that Vagrant won't use the cached
      version. Of course, the commit that updates the basebox must be
      present in a branch for it to use the new basebox.
    * Various small improvements.
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