Improvements (from 1.4 series)

  • Drop support (since rc2)
  • DPI awareness (since dev4)
  • Changing of Snapmatic picture crew added (since dev3)
  • Changing of Snapmatic picture title added
  • Snapmatic picture API improvements

Backport & Update (incl. in 1.4.4 client)

  • Backported resource splitting to reduce executable size
  • Updated internal libraries for security and stability (Windows)

Backport (incl. in 1.4.3 client)

  • Give user the ability to import files with wrong file extension

Bugfix (since 1.4.1 client)

  • Don't try to import a Snapmatic when a other one is there with the same ID currently disabled

Bugfix (since 1.3.0 client)

  • Fix import issue when the time is between 21:47 and 00:00