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Critical Fixes and Updates

Moe requested to merge dev into master

All users must update to the latest dev or master builds. This update addresses a critical bug found with Superuser authentication.

If your installation cannot be accessed outside your network you are in less danger of penetration but still suggested to update.

Again, you must update because of CVE-2021-27228.

Changes :

  • Fix Superuser Penetration Bug (Bug found by Marco Rieger @ins0) - CVE-2021-27228
  • Update API Key Manager
  • Update Sub-Account Manager (move to regular dashboard, deprecate /admin)
  • Update Face plugin to use tfjs 1.7.4
  • Fix PTZ Turn Speed
  • FFmpeg string generation fixes
  • Fix cron.js script
  • Update Coral Installer (by Mitch Ross @mitchross1)
  • Fix Bounding Box Logic (by Mitch Ross @mitchross1)
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