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    Initial Commit - Awww Yisss! · 69cea128
    Scott Garman authored
    ProgressPuppy - FOSS Edition is a web-based productivity app whose main purpose
    is to manage your daily tasks. It's written in Ruby on Rails, and this codebase
    is derived from what's currently running at
    Using ProgressPuppy is intended to add some fun to completing your daily tasks.
    Upon task completion, a funny or motivating internet meme is displayed.
    Not included in the FOSS Edition of the codebase are paid subscription plan
    definitions, payment processor code, predefined productivity quote packs, and
    production tooling that require site-specific setup such as exception
    notifications, email server settings, or app deployment.
    See the file for more deets.
This project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0. Learn more