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mcverter requested to merge prettier into dev

This adds prettier as a separate command in the package.json as well as part of the es-lint step

However, there is also a problem in the HTML markup detected by prettier

imports/ui/pages/venue-details/template.html [error] imports/ui/pages/venue-details/template.html: SyntaxError: Unexpected closing tag "p". It may happen when the tag has already been closed by another tag. For more info see (33:10) [error] 31 | [error] 32 | [error] > 33 |

[error] | ^^^^ [error] 34 | {{/if}} [error] 35 | {{#if this.venue.address}} [error] 36 |

imports/ui/pages/venues-map/ 34ms

This is because you cannot put a ul element within a p element. A list can only go inside a div element. You can add the change to this MR. @ToastHawaii

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