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Allow Zoom levels on the World Map

It's related to the feature request #3616 (closed)

This is a new version with less lines of code, parameters, and files changed. I made small commits tagged [Refactoring] to help the review but I will squash them at the end. These commits are not stricly related to this MR but they help by introducing small reusable methods.

  • center the zoom on the current cursor position
  • the points of interest are in the center of the cell
  • the size of the local map is based on the distance view
  • center the view (on local or global map) when the player is moving
  • auto transition from local to global map when the zoom is too small
  • add a setting for the local map viewing distance
  • add a checkbox in the launcher to active the zoom on maps
  • add grouping markers on global map when dezooming


Edited by Cédric Mocquillon

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