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    Version 1.5.0 · 1ac08f9f
    Old Man Programmer authored
      - Added -T option to change title and H1 header in HTML output.
      - Added -r option to reverse alpha sort output, ala. 'ls -r'.
      - '|' wildcard support added by David MacMahon <davidm@astron.Berkeley.EDU>.
      - Remove extraneous '/' at the end of dirs and dir-symlinks in HTML output.
      - Removed several possible overflow problems by dynamically allocating
        arrays in several places.
      - Better support for Locales and printing utf-8 encoded characters in
        filenames (still hackish).
      - Fixed -t to alphasort files with same time-stamps.
      - Fixed encoding of filenames in HTML output, Kyosuke and others.
      - Patches by Kyosuke Tokoro <>:
        - Now, runs OS/2 systems.
          + Print the file attributes in 'adhrs' format for each file, instead
            of the protections in 'drwxrwxrwx' format, when running the tree
            on OS/2 with option -p.
        - Added --charset option, to specify which character set is used for
           + You can specify any IANA regist...
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