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    Version 2.1.0 (12/26/2022) · 22a2e268
    Old Man Programmer authored
      This is a bit bigger release, due to not realizing that gitlab/github was
      not sending me email and ice+tree@mama.indstate.edu was broken.  This has
      been fixed and I think I have gone through most all of the outstanding issues
      that were submitted over the last few months.  Note to those that are sending
      me git merge requests: because I distribute this in multiple ways and places,
      and I tend to manually go over patches and often re-work them in any event, I
      will not likely ever directly accept any merge requests. I will still use the
      patch information from them for inclusion into the code, so you are more than
      welcome to still submit such merges.
      - Add support for --info and --gitignore for the --fromfile option.
        (Suggested by Piotr Andruszkow)
      - Add options --infofile and --gitfile to load .info and .gitignore files
        explicitly.  Each implies --info or --gitignore respectively.
      - Add NULL guard for json_printinfo() and xml_printinfo() (and fix ftype
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