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    Version 2.1.0 (12/26/2022) · 22a2e268
    Old Man Programmer authored
      This is a bit bigger release, due to not realizing that gitlab/github was
      not sending me email and was broken.  This has
      been fixed and I think I have gone through most all of the outstanding issues
      that were submitted over the last few months.  Note to those that are sending
      me git merge requests: because I distribute this in multiple ways and places,
      and I tend to manually go over patches and often re-work them in any event, I
      will not likely ever directly accept any merge requests. I will still use the
      patch information from them for inclusion into the code, so you are more than
      welcome to still submit such merges.
      - Add support for --info and --gitignore for the --fromfile option.
        (Suggested by Piotr Andruszkow)
      - Add options --infofile and --gitfile to load .info and .gitignore files
        explicitly.  Each implies --info or --gitignore respectively.
      - Add NULL guard for json_printinfo() and xml_printinfo() (and fix ftype
        printing for XML) (Kenta Arai)
      - Fix getcharset() to not return a getenv() pointer (fix for ENV34-C issue.)
        (Kenta Arai)
      - Another attempt at fixing extraneous /'s in HTML URLs/output. (Sebastian
      - Fixed XML output (Dave Rice)
      - Remove the (very outdated) French version of the manpage.  Look to
        localization projects such as Debian's 'manpages-l10n' for localized
        translations. (hmartink)
      - Add support for the NO_COLOR environment variable (
        Equivalent to the -n option (can be still be overridden with -C).
        (Timm Fitschen)
      - Removed many C99isms to enable compiling on C90 compilers with fewer
        warnings.  (Sith Wijesinghe and Matthew Sessions)  It should not be
        necessary to avoid using a standard that is old enough to drink,
        furthermore it is all but impossible to remove the remaining warnings and
        have modern features like compound literals. In the meantime I've added
        -std=c11 to the default CFLAGS for Linux and will likely not worry about
        C90 compatibility going forward unless there is some other reason for it.
      - Added a helper function for long command line arguments to clean up option
        processing (and fixes the processing for a few of the options such as
        --timefmt= (наб?).)
      - Added --hintro and --houtro options to select files to use as the HTML
        intro and outro.  Use /dev/null or an empty file to eliminate them
        entirely.  This should make it much easier to create your own custom CSS
        or embed one or more trees into a web page.
      - Defer printing the version until the character set is known so we can use
        the linedraw copyright symbol.
      - Revert change to the error code to not return an error (code 2) when
        attempting to list a non-directory that actually exists.  Tree will still
        return an error when attempting to list a non-existing directory/file.
      - Added option --fflinks which will process symbolic link information from
        a file generated with 'tree -if --noreport' when using --fromfile.
        (Suggested by Chentao Credungtao)
      - Updated the totals reporting code to also include in the total the file or
        directory that is being listed.  This should make a correct report when
        doing something like 'tree *'.
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