This is a patch release that adds support for constructing and signing transactions via the API (and offline, via siac or a hardware wallet). It also includes significant changes to the HostDB's ranking algorithm; specifically, it improves protection against Sybil attacks (creating many hosts to increase chances of being selected), and better accounts for the collateral posted by hosts. Lastly, some handy utility functions were added in the form of siac utils, with the goal of creating a "Swiss army knife" for performing various Sia-related tasks.

Binaries for v1.3.5 and future releases will be hosted on our website. However, users running siac update in v1.3.5 will not automatically upgrade to later versions. This functionality was disabled in v1.3.5 in anticipation of dissenting forks branching off the v1.3.5 codebase. Automatic upgrades are enabled in the next release (v1.3.6) and users currently running v1.3.4 or earlier will upgrade to v1.3.6 if they run siac update.

Thanks as always to our contributors, and to the entire Sia community, for their continued support.