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    bump version to rev47 · 0f4e0d9e
    Christopher Roy Bratusek authored
    - build against libruntimeiospatch 1.5.3
    - only scan list of available IOS once per session
    - disable 'SD Card Gecko' by default (debug log on SD Card),
      because it's causing a MASSIVE slow down when opening an
      app's details dialog the first time in a session, when
      using a shitty class 2 or whatever SD Card
    - fixed that newly build vWii forwarder accidently was the
      same than the Wii forwarder
    - fixup BootMii (IOS) detection on Wii
    - fixup showing device icon for apps
    - add ISO0 (any version) to list of known stub IOS
      (it's a custom IOS installed by several old apps)
    - update german translation
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