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Welcome to MultiCellDS, the MultiCellular Data Standard. This repository contains many files related to the standard. We have:

  • The XML Schemas (XSDs) that define the standard
  • The C++ API (auto generated using XSD/e)
  • The Python API (auto generated using PyXB)
  • The OWL files associated with MultiCellDS
  • Scripts related to generating the OWL file from the XSDs
  • Scripts related to generating CSV files from XML data structured according to the XSDs

The branches are:

  • master (development)
  • stable (minor bug fixes only)
  • Beta_Pre_v1.0 (includes many more files made during the development of MultiCellDS).

Further README files can be found in the appropriate directories.

All code (except where noted) is licensed under the BSD 2 Clause license. All XML, XSD, and XSLT files are CC BY 4.0 (except where noted).