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converting to cmake

borgmanJeremy requested to merge borgmanJeremy/spiral-native:cmake into master

This is a first pass an converting the project away from qmake to cmake.

The only known issue is with icons and I will fix that if you are willing to move this direction. I wanted to get a minimal working example in front of you before sinking a bunch of time to make it perfect. Also I wanted to put a very readable example in front of you before adding extra lines of code for cross platform installation.

Here are the reasons you should consider moving away from qmake to cmake:

  • Much better cross platform installation support (.msi / .exe for windows, .dmg for macos, proper linux installation etc)
  • Qt officially supports cmake and this is their new default:
  • Easy to integrate external tools (see in this PR the inclusion of clang-tidy, ccache, and different sanitizers

Love the project by the way and happy to help add linux packaging support like snap and flatpak.

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