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    1.1.0 Release · fea3415f
    Clayton Burlison authored
    * origin/104RC2:
      docs: Update Changelog for 1.1.0 release
      rolled version to 1.1.0
      hide/show MainTitle and Logo when using MainTextImage, allow MainTextImage to animate
      Fixed scaling on MainImageText and cleaned up MainText hiding when MainTextImage was used.
      fix: Only show the FileVault alert screen once
      docs: Fix spelling mistakes
      docs: Update Changelog & README
      fix: Use proper syntax for quitSuccessiveEULA
      fix: Link to proper RegisterViewController.swift
      add "defaults" key to quit DEPNotify.app after successive EULA. This option helps to make a final "agreement" required by the user, once the background install work is done.
      add info for defaults key `quitSuccessiveEULA` to README.md
      fix issue with really big images stretching window
      rev build number
      cleared all warnings in Xcode
      fix for continue button sizing, fix for continue button not enabling when canceling the EULA, fix for logo sizing
      fixed build issues
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