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WPERF-512: add `wper detect` to usage


Patch added to usage wperf detect - this is not needed for 3.5.0-beta as this option is useless to the end user now. But as it was added to CLI it should have its docs and usage added.

In this patch:

  • wperf: update docs
  • wperf: update usage


>wperf --help
WindowsPerf ver. 3.5.0 (826b224c/Debug) WOA profiling with performance counters.
Report bugs to:

    wperf - Performance analysis tools for Windows on Arm

    wperf [--version] [--help] [OPTIONS]

    wperf stat [-e] [-m] [-t] [-i] [-n] [-c] [-C] [-E] [-k] [--dmc] [-q] [--json]
               [--output] [--config] [--force-lock]
    wperf stat [-e] [-m] [-t] [-i] [-n] [-c] [-C] [-E] [-k] [--dmc] [-q] [--json]
               [--output] [--config] -- COMMAND [ARGS]
        Counting mode, for obtaining aggregate counts of occurrences of special

    wperf sample [-e] [--timeout] [-c] [-C] [-E] [-q] [--json] [--output] [--config]
                 [--image_name] [--pe_file] [--pdb_file] [--sample-display-long] [--force-lock]
                 [--sample-display-row] [--record_spawn_delay] [--annotate] [--disassemble]
        Sampling mode, for determining the frequencies of event occurrences
        produced by program locations at the function, basic block, and/or
        instruction levels.

    wperf record [-e] [--timeout] [-c] [-C] [-E] [-q] [--json] [--output] [--config]
                 [--image_name] [--pe_file] [--pdb_file] [--sample-display-long] [--force-lock]
                 [--sample-display-row] [--record_spawn_delay] [--annotate] [--disassemble] -- COMMAND [ARGS]
        Same as sample but also automatically spawns the process and pins it to
        the core specified by `-c`. Process name is defined by COMMAND. User can
        pass verbatim arguments to the process with [ARGS].

    wperf list [-v] [--json] [--force-lock]
        List supported events and metrics. Enable verbose mode for more details.

    wperf test [--json] [OPTIONS]
        Configuration information about driver and application.

    wperf detect [--json] [OPTIONS]
        List installed WindowsPerf-like Kernel Drivers (match GUID).

    -h, --help
        Run wperf help command.

        Display version.

    -v, --verbose
        Enable verbose output also in JSON output.

        Quiet mode, no output is produced.

        Specify comma separated list of event names (or raw events) to count, for
        example `ld_spec,vfp_spec,r10`. Use curly braces to group events.
        Specify comma separated list of event names with sampling frequency to
        sample, for example `ld_spec:100000`.

        Raw events: specify raw evens with `r<VALUE>` where `<VALUE>` is a 16-bit
        hexadecimal event index value without leading `0x`. For example `r10` is
        event with index `0x10`.

        Note: see list of available event names using `list` command.

        Specify comma separated list of metrics to count.

        Note: see list of available metric names using `list` command.

        Specify counting or sampling duration in seconds, accuracy is 0.1 sec.
        If not specified, press Ctrl+C to interrupt counting or sampling.

        Enable timeline mode (count multiple times with specified interval).
        Use `-i` to specify timeline interval, and `-n` to specify number of

        Specify counting interval in seconds, `0` seconds is allowed.

        Number of consecutive counts in timeline mode (disabled by default).

        Enable translating addresses taken from samples in sample/record mode into source code line numbers.

        Enable disassemble output on sampling mode. Implies 'annotate'.

        Specify the image name you want to sample.

        Specify the PE file name (and path).

        Specify the PDB file name (and path), PDB file should directly
        correspond to PE file set with `--pe_file`.

        Display decorated symbol names.

        Set how many samples you want to see in the summary (50 by default).

        Set the waiting time, in milliseconds, before reading process data after
        spawning it with `record`.

        Force driver to give lock to current `wperf` process, use when you want
        to interrupt currently executing `wperf` session or to recover from the lock.

        Specify comma separated list of CPU cores to count on, or one CPU to
        sample on.

        Count kernel mode as well (disabled by default).

        Profile on the specified DDR controller. Skip `--dmc` to count on all

        Provide customized config file which describes metrics.

        Provide customized config file which describes custom events or
        provide custom events from command line.

        Define output type as JSON.

        Specify JSON output file name.

        Specify configuration parameters.

OPTIONS aliases:
        Alias of 'list'.

        Alias of `--timeout`.


    > wperf list -v
    List all events and metrics available on your host with extended

    > wperf stat -e inst_spec,vfp_spec,ase_spec,ld_spec -c 0 --timeout 3
    Count events `inst_spec`, `vfp_spec`, `ase_spec` and `ld_spec` on core #0
    for 3 seconds.

    > wperf stat -m imix -e l1i_cache -c 7 --timeout 10.5
    Count metric `imix` (metric events will be grouped) and additional event
    `l1i_cache` on core #7 for 10.5 seconds.

    > wperf stat -m imix -c 1 -t -i 2 -n 3 --timeout 5
    Count in timeline mode (output counting to CSV file) metric `imix` 3 times
    on core #1 with 2 second intervals (delays between counts). Each count
    will last 5 seconds.

    > wperf sample -e ld_spec:100000 --pe_file python_d.exe -c 1
    Sample event `ld_spec` with frequency `100000` already running process
    `python_d.exe` on core #1. Press Ctrl+C to stop sampling and see the results.

    > wperf record -e ld_spec:100000 -c 1 --timeout 30 -- python_d.exe -c 10**10**100
    Launch `python_d.exe -c 10**10**100` process and start sampling event `ld_spec`
    with frequency `100000` on core #1 for 30 seconds.
    Hint: add `--annotate` or `--disassemble` to `wperf record` command line
    parameters to increase sampling "resolution".

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