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New MAY17 Metro Standalone Google Transit (Metro GTFS_BUS)

This is the General Transit Feed of Metro’s (LACMTA’s) complete Bus service for the period beginning December 11, 2016 and ending June, 2017.

This version was updated with the 2017 Dodger Stadium Express (as per published Dodger Schedule) with corrected DSE (Dodger Stadium Express) Shapes.

This feed contains NO Rail service (this is now available by a nightly update). This feed DOES contain all appropriate bus service, including Metro’s Dodger Stadium Express service. This update adds the Dodger Postseason Game schedules for Metro's Dodger Stadium Express.

As of May 6th, 2016 LA Metro is now publishing our Bus and Rail Services in separate Google Transit Exports ONLY. As a customer service, and to allow us to update these files more frequently, we have split these files up. The new rail-only export will be updated Daily (generally Tuesday – Saturday mornings), to allow us to send out more timely information and to allow our users to capture all temporary rail service changes that may occur on a daily basis.

Metro will provide bus-only exports with large-scale changes to the system: approximately once every one or two months. We will NOT continue to maintain the combined service feeds.

Rollin Baker
Metro Los Angeles
Spatial Analysis Project Leader
Service Planning, Scheduling & Performance Analysis

01 May 2017 Archive contents

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      163  12-01-2014 16:37   agency.txt
     3896  11-15-2016 11:29   calendar.txt
     9861  03-24-2017 10:43   calendar_dates.txt
      282  05-02-2017 12:45   feed_info.txt
     6557  03-24-2017 10:42   routes.txt
 33728186  05-01-2017 15:36   shapes.txt
138935886  03-24-2017 12:16   stop_times.txt
   817084  03-24-2017 12:14   stops.txt
  2258870  03-24-2017 12:17   trips.txt
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