Special K v 0.9.5

 (.2): Defer initialization of D3D11 texture management until D3D11 is actually
         used :P
 (.2): Improve AppCache generation on first execution of games w/ launchers

 *** It is STRONGLY suggested that you delete the directory:

       Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Profiles\AppCache

     after receiving this update ***

 (.1): Partitioned scratch memory per-thread for D3D shader disassembly,
         ini parser, command processor and debug stack traces for faster startup

 (.1): Fixed various rare NvAPI issues
 (.1): Upon successful shutdown, crash.log is deleted again
 (.1): All Steam AppID resolution cache data is stored in Profiles\AppCache\... now

 + Replaced kernel scheduling resolution tricks with Multimedia Class Scheduler

  >> This will increase battery life on mobile systems (versus the old code),
       and should not have a measurable impact on framerate limiter performance.


(.3) Ignore D3D9 video playback in Atelier Firis (a D3D11 game)
(.3) Disabled automatic steam_appid.txt generation
(.3) Disabled code to automatically bring a game's window to the foreground at
       start, it was causing too many compat. issues.