Special K v 0.9.21

 + New "Smart Capture" Mode for Steam Screenshots

  + High-performance screenshot capture code that does not cause games to hitch

   *) Compress lossless .PNG screenshots with or without Special K's OSD

    >> Steam cannot store .PNG screenshots, so any lossless screenshots are stored
         separately and you can manage these files using SK's control panel.

   *) Set the default Steam screenshot behavior to show/hide SK's OSD
   *) Take HUDless screenshots in D3D11 games (not finished)
   *) Compresses the JPG image imported to Steam using a slightly more advanced
        compressor for better image quality.

  ** All of these features are orders of magnitude faster than the Steam overlay's
       built-in screenshot code is! Use them all and still get better performance :P

  @ Current support is limited to D3D11 with no on-screen MSAA, sRGB or HDR framebuffers