Special K v 0.9.20


 (.2): Fixed WMI Memory Perfmon not using the correct PID
 (.2): Added experimental SteamAPI callback thread-sync avoidance for AC:Origins
 (.2): Fixed SteamController issues in Nioh
 (.1): Added proper (keyboard layout-aware) tooltips for prev/next texture
         list in D3D11 render mod toolkit.

 + Added D3D11 Constant Buffer injection for Vertex/Pixel/Geometry/Hull/Domain shaders
  >> Allows the manipulation of a game's material system in real-time in the mod tools

  @ Compute Shader injection is disabled in this release for stability, it will be
      enabled in a future release.

 + Fixed Geometry Shader state leak in D3D11 UI render code for certain games

 + Bundled a new build of custom ReShade with improved support for games that render
     into different format / resolution rendertargets than they use for their swapcahain

 + Improved support for D3D11 texture resampling (mipmap generation, on-the-fly compression)
     incuding HyperThreading optimization.

 + Altered ImGui vertex processing code to align dynamic memory allocation to a 16-byte
     boundary for improved performance in games that use heavy CPU-side transform.


    D3D11 Constant Buffer injection is still experimental and will improve over time,
      it is almost identical in function to the D3D9 feature but D3D11 has significantly
        more complicated memory management requirements that make optimization harder.

    Altering vertex shader material state is not recommended due to the number of
      draw calls made and vertex instancing, focus most experimentation on pixel shaders