Special K v 0.9.18 / 0.9.19

 (.1): Fixed hook address cache invalidation if Windows updates a system DLL

 + Replaced SteamAPI battery monitoring with actual Win32 API code, and now indicate
     when a laptop battery is charging or discharging and how much runtime is left in
       the framepacing widget.

 + Fixed various issues with SpecialK.DENY files and local / global injection
     co-existence (Ctrl + Shift compat. menu works much better).

 + Improved support for BC7 texture dumping and injection
 + Added mipmap generation for Ys VIII
 + Added shadowmap resolution boost for Ys VIII
 + Fixed Ni no Kuni 2 memory patterns for anti-stutter mod
 + Added x64 DebugRegister listing to crash handler
 + Added bypass for broken Win32MiniDumpInit in Steam's latest DRM wrapper;
     ( affects 32-bit games only. )
 + Added preliminary Ansel overlay activation detection / prevention


 + More work on MinHook stability / performance -- planning a few pull requests!

 + Fixed D3D11 texture cache (missing descriptors) in Elex when trees become
    unbalanced; fullscreen mode transition in this and other games is safer now.
 + Fixed Steam achievement server->client callbacks in Star Ocean 4 and The Witcher 3
 + Turned D3D11 deferred isolation off by default since most games do not need it
 + Added real-time stack traces for all running threads to the thread debugger
 + Rewrote debug symbol loading code for better multi-threaded performance
 + Changed Thread-Local Storage to Fiber-Local Storage for UWP compliance

 + Added validation of NtLdr DLL paths
    >> Detects AppCompat shims that makes games behave unpredictably

 + Fixed NvAPI issues in some third-party (vidcap) software that could break
     hardware monitoring (fan RPM in particular).
  *** Fixed CBT Hook Teardown Broadcast -- it was not running in the 64-bit
        builds and caused many WER faults when upgrading Special K. ***