Special K v 0.8.60

 (.2): Fixed ReShade post-processing order in OpenGL so that it does
         not post-process the config UI :)
 (.2): Temporarily disabled OSD text rendering in 32-bit OpenGL games
 (.2): Added sRGB framebuffer support in OpenGL games
 (.2): Fixed GL geometry buffer state leaks in CEGUI
 (.2): Fixed INI parser off-by-one issue in Chinese INI files
 (.2): Fixed OpenGL wglSwapMultipleBuffers calling wrong hook

 (.1): Improved global injection and auto-update performance
 (.1): Removed several legacy settings (i.e. Raptr injection warnings)

 + Completely separated ImGui from CEGUI (OSD / achievements) in OpenGL
 + Fixed 32-bit OpenGL delay-load ABI issues
 + Fixed OpenGL Vertex Array Object state leaks in legacy (GL 2.x) games
 + Corrected injection bypass dialog crashing OpenGL games