Special K v. 0.8.55

 + Added RTSS hook avoidance by checking the window class that owns a Swapchain
 + Added alt. DXGI hook codepaths (Render.DXGI | HookType=0,1) for Okami compat.
 + Added WaitForVBLANK option to D3D11 Swapchain settings
 + Changing D3D11 Swapchain latency in the control panel takes effect immediately
 + Improved global injection performance for non-whitelisted applications

 + custom_<SpecialK|dxgi|d3d9|dinput8|OpenGL32>.ini is now supported

  >> If this INI file is present (using the appropriate DLL name), any values in
       it will override the game's config.

       These values are not stored at exit, and remain even if/after a mod update
         overwrites your base INI file. Use this feature sparingly, for stuff you
           don't need to re-configure (i.e. mouse behavior, macros, etc.)