Special K v 0.8.52

 (.4): HOTFIX for 5 FPS issue
 (.3): Fix XInput lock behavior in games that use out-of-range controller idx
 (.2): Corrected SKIM64 start/stop behavior and AMD ADL
 (.1): Added Window.TopMost variable to fix Star Ocean 4

 Keyboard Macros

 + Added support for keyboard macros

  >> (See ReadMe\cvars.txt for partial list of commands)

    *** Structure in INI is  [Macro.<NameOfMacroGroup>]

     ( Multiple commands may share the same keybinding, but order of execution
         is undefined. )

 + Added support for global macros and turned all OSD toggle keys into macros

  >> (Refer to Global\macros.ini)

 + Fixed WMI performance monitoring thread init when Steam overlay is
     loaded first