Special K v 0.8.31

 + Added support for waitable swapchains to Trails of Cold Steel; this is a very important
     frame pacing feature for G-Sync... use it!

(Suggested wait interval=15 ms; Suggested presentation interval=3 or 4)

 + Fixed Steam DRM issues in DOOMx64 and a couple of other OpenGL games
 + Added a battery meter to the framepacing widget
 + Added an option to draw a border around widgets

 # Added Widget Visibility Toggle to Gamepads
  > While in gamepad exclusive input mode, press both analog triggers to toggle all widgets

 * Added support for gamepad manipulation of widgets
  > Enter gamepad exclusive input mode, then hold Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox)
      and select a widget by pressing the shoulder buttons.
  > Moving a widget can be done by holding Square / X and moving the left analog stick
  > Double-tapping the Cross (PlayStation) or A (Xbox) buttons will open widget config
 + Removed Alt+F4 input hack for Trails of Cold Steel; it is obsolete