+ [SKIM]   Changed system tray icon (to another KDE icon =P) so that it is easier to
 + [XInput] Fix for games that use XInputGetStateEx (...) without allocating the correct
              memory size for the data structure (+1 DWORD)
 + [D3D11] Reduced D3D11 API overhead in games that stream memory-mapped textures when
             texture caching is enabled but the render mod window is not open
 + [SKIM]  Using +Inject or -Inject commandline switches starts SKIM minimized to the
             tray; left-click the icon in the try to restore it
 + [SKIM]  Branch migration takes effect immediately in all software except for the
             global injector
 + [SKIM]  Only one instance of SKIM can run simultaneously, minimized instances will
             be restored if a new instance is launched
 + [SKIM]  The commandline switch -Inject will now kill any running injection instances
             and exit