Enhanced Compatibility Layer

 + Injection Compatibility Options Menu DRASTICALLY Overhauled
  * Can now be used for both local DLL wrappers and global injector
  * Can be activated with late global injection as a means of installing a
      local DLL.
   >> Activate global injection, hold Ctrl + Shift, activate your game, click
        Install and then deactivate global injection.
  * Added config file reset option
  * Added plug-in disable feature (ReShade)
  * Added D3D8/DDraw plug-in validation
  * Improved API auto-detection and validation of executable's DLL Import Table.

 + Added sleepless render / window thread options to framerate limiter to fix
     games like LEGO City Undercover, that trash their window's message pump.
 + Added Fullscreen override option to control panel for D3D9 games

Pre-compiled DLLs hosted on GitHub