Release of 0.8.12

Special K v. 0.8.12

This whole project is in chaos right now, please excuse awkward updates.

Auto-update was already being overhauled but now it needs to be moved over to GitLab.

  • Add support for dgVoodoo d3d8 API wrapping, license terms are not fully worked out yet, but you can optionally install this component using the attached PlugIns.7z

Extract to Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\ and Special K will attempt to use dgVoodoo for d3d8.

Note that many d3d8 games don't support delayed-injection this way, and you will likely have to rename SpecialK32.dll to d3d8.dll and drop it in a specific game's directory for proper operation.

  • Adds support for Melody's Escape (keyboard input processing when a game uses PeekMessage to remove events)
  • Improves mouse support in ImGui menus for games that use RawInput exclusively
  • Corrects license text truncation
  • Fixes various delayed-injection problems with SteamAPI

Release Files:


Pre-Built Binaries

Debug Symbols

Interim Release

(Will resume normal releases when Auto-Update is redesigned to accommodate GitLab)


Interim Release

  • Added a D3D9 ForceWindowed override to SpecialK.ini
  • Fixed SteamAPI exception handling in 32-bit ABI (Steam overlay callback)
  • Fixed double-input processing through PeekMessage
  • Fixed CEGUI / ImGui reset on multi-frame D3D9 device loss recovery


Interim Release

  • Added game playtime to control panel title
  • Added Synaptics touchpad mousewheel support for DirectInput/RawInput/HID
  • Added temporary file cleanup (i.e. SKI*.tmp, Version/*.old, ...) to DLL init.
  • Improved global injection startup/shutdown reliability
  • Fixed control panel window moving if its title changes
  • Fixed Fallout 4 / Scaleform exception handling
  • Fixed game_output.log being saved to the wrong location when using the global injector.
  • Fixed legacy keyboard input in Steam overlay in Skyrim: Special Edition
  • Fixed legacy mouse input after Alt+Tab in EverQuest
  • Switched framerate limiter over to new render backend system; WaitForVBLANK may not function correctly in some D3D9Ex games.

Last planned update before I restore auto-update functionality

SK_0_8_12_3.7z locale_test.7z

RiME Diagnostics

  • Special dxgi.dll that will spit out debug information to logs/dxgi.log and logs/modules.log to diagnose problems with RiME