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  • v0.3.0-Beta   A general documentation update and a quick fix for all comments being bundled.
    Release v0.3.0-Beta


    • Updated README
      • Now includes basic instructions for getting started
    • Update documentation
      • Includes the Readme
      • Included package.json
    • Removed all side effects causing all comments to be bundled even though the methods were not.

    Known Issues:

    • Documentation is generated in incorrect url public/fenix-tools/v0.3.0 where it should be public/v0.3.0
    • In documentation class method links do not point to correct hyperlink
  • v0.2.0-Beta   Update focused on documentation and general improvements to repository pipeline
    Release v0.2.0-Beta
    • Removed Logger and Pluginstore (See issue #8)
    • Renamed SignalDispatcher to Signals
    • Improved Documentation and jsdoc generation
    • Removed @license headers (See issue #5)
    • Automated piepline for testing, building and deploying
    • Removed dist folder and replaced with artifcats (See issue #9)
    • Improved downloadFile() (See issue #6)
    • Support for both http and https protocol
    • Removed writing to file and instead the promise resolved the file's data.
    • New Util method convertParameters() for converting objects whose values are strings
      • Deep parse plugin parameters
      • Converts string numbers, booleans and arrays to appropriate type
    • Improved tree shaking for use with RollupJS and Webpack
  • v0.1.0-Beta   The first public beta release for FeniXTools.
    52c7fd44 · Beta Release v0.1.0 ·
    Release v0.1.0-Beta


    • Copied methods from FeniX Core to separate files/modules

    • File methods now use Promises and async

    • Removed about 11 common utility functions like isObject, isArray, toObject, etc.

    • Add unit tests for both File and Utils methods


    FeniXTools - v0.1.0