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  • v0.4.1   Small update to fix some minor bugs
    Release v0.4.1
    • Fix the dev command's options not registering --port or --target
    • Fix -V and -version returning incorrect version number
    • Update broken links in the README
    • Include images for README in package.json files property
    • Previous version 0.4.0 was not correctly built and the ./bin/fenix-cli.js was missing a small change, that is now fixed and all changes are implemented. This also fixed the CI enviroment's failing when using FeniXCLI in the build
  • v0.4.0
    Release v0.4.0
    • Update code style to conform to latest Standard Style rules

    • Fix baseUrl in vuepress config to conform to sub-domain of fenixenginemv

    • Fix environment paths causing CLI to fail in some cases, especially in a Linux (CI) environment

    • Fix critical bug where the node shebang was inserted as string below use strict causing the cli to open file and not run in shell

    • Fix bug where template files were not being included after the guided project setup

    • Fix packages not being included in devDependencies in package.json

    • Fix bug in crossSpawn causing no packages to install in a Linux environment

    • All unit tests are updated to pass in CI

    • Add GitLab issue and marge request templates

    • Add license and contributing guideline

  • v0.3.0
    Release v0.3.0
    • Base project generator improvements
    • start generator by running fenix with no arguments
    • Choose linter, linter plugins and other additional packages
    • Auto installs packages and create package.json
    • Auto configures eslint for use with MV
    • Improved logging
      • Added colors
      • Added timestamp
      • Removed spinner from server and watch commands
      • Errors are easier to read and cleaner
      • Server badge is dynamically generated
    • Updated base template files (add comments and fix typos)
    • Updated Readme
    • Fix server and watch bugs, causing duplicate builds
    • Fix bundler not reading sub-driectories, causing plugins to not be bundled
  • 0.2.0
  • 0.1.0
    edbc1d9d · Release 0.1.0 ·