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Allow removing attachments, direct upload files and unify the attachment and import source uploaders

Nicolas Bouilleaud requested to merge delete-files into main
  • finish the removal UI
  • clean up the style of the upload file / take picture buttons
    • on desktop, when the camera feature is unavailable, we probably want the whole zone to be a button if it's empty
    • then if there are files already, a smaller “Add” button at the end
    • should the background be clickable?
    • on mobile, when the camera feature is available, there’s no drag and drop anyway, so if it's empty two half-width buttons would be good
  • properly style the behaviour of drag and drop for attachments
  • properly implement the upload tracking css (and unify it with the old file-list)
  • rename the js controller to “files-upload” because it does everything
  • configure CORS for direct upload in prod

fixes #188 (closed)

Edited by Nicolas Bouilleaud

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