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    Updated InputManager to accumulate values from input events between frames. · f3be07a3
    Cheeseness authored
    * Added InputAction::mouseAxisValue
    * Added INPUT_UI_SELECT binding for focused GUI widget activation (mouse unbound since mouse clicks are handled differently in menus)
    * Added InputManager::accumulateKeyboardEvent(), accumulateMouseButtonEvent(), accumulateMouseAxisEvent(), accumulateJoystickButtonEvent(), and accumulateJoystickAxisEvent()
    * Updated secondary INPUT_FIRE keyboard binding to be cursor up key, restoring jam version behaviour
    * Updated InputAction::getValue() to return larger of value and mouseAxisValue
    * Updated InputManager to process input events and then process InputActions on game tick to prevent lost intra-frame inputs
    * Updated CHANGES file to reflect recent work
    * Updated to note that --fps is experimental
    * Updated to note that launch options modify persistent settings
    * Updated Game::runMainLoop() to register keyboard, mouse, and joystick event sources, and pass relevant events through to InputManager
    * Updated InputManager::processMenuInput() to assign doAction by INPUT_UI_SELECT rather than INPUT_FIRE
    * Refactored InputAction::updateState() into processKeyboardEvent(), processMouseEvent(), processJoystickEvent(), and updateValue()
    * Refactored InputManager::update() into InputManager::processInput()
    * Refactored InputManager::processInput() cancel binding handling into updateBinding()
    * Refactored InputManager::processInput() mouse warping code into InputManager::accumulateMouseAxisEvent()
    * Refactored InputManager::processMenuInputKeyboard() into InputManager::processMenuInput()
    * Refactored InputManager::processGameInputKeyboard() into InputManager::processGameInput()
    * Fixed possible memory leak in InputManager::processInput() when grabbing mouse on click