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    loader: Allow dependencies to use ":" to refer to junctioned elements · 88ace418
    Chandan Singh authored
    This will allow cross-junction dependencies to be listed as strings on a
    single line.
    As part of this, some logic around initializing `Dependency()` objects
    have been moved out of `_extract_depends_from_node()` method into the
    constructor of `Dependency()` class, to keep all related code in one
    * _loader/types.py: While initializing `Dependency` objects, attempt to
                        split filenames, only if no `junction` was specified
                        explicitly. If a `junction` was specified, then
                        filenames with `:` in their names will result in an
    * _loader/loadelement.py: Refactor logic to initialize `Dependency()`
                              objects to move it to the `Dependency()`
    * tests/frontend/buildcheckout.py: Add tests to ensure the above.
    * _versions.py: Bump BST_FORMAT_VERSION.
    Fixes #809.
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