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Initial teleportation implementation for those little red guys

Byte requested to merge ByteEngineer/2009scape:imp-teleportation into master

What have you done in this MR?

  • Added behavior to little red imps to allow them to teleport around
  • Imps have a 1/10 chance on each hit of teleporting away
  • Imps have a 1/75 chance on each tick of teleporting away
  • This also required updating the npc_configs.json to expand movement radius for imps (this keeps them from wandering back to their starting location and becoming not targetable)

Are there any tricky things testers should keep an eye out for?

  • No
  • Yes, as follows:
  • I have tested these changes thoroughly.
  • This requires extra testing due to changes to architecture or other similarly risky changes.
  • I used the Thanos Tool for any JSON edits, I did not edit any JSON files by hand (MR will be rejected if there are manual JSON edits).
  • I acknowledge that this contribution will be released under the AGPL license.

I sat and watched the imps. After some time they poofed away. I also attacked some imps. They would teleport much more frequently when attacked. After teleporting in combat, the player correctly tracks the imp and runs to the new location of the imp to continue attacking. You may get some strange behavior where when the combat continues, the player and imp sort of "dance" and don't actually attack each other. I think this is a general combat issue not related to teleportation or this task. Walking to a tile away and re-engaging will continue the fight.

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