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Make sure to reset the varpmanager on HCIM death

Ceikry requested to merge hcim-clearvarp into master

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Testers: a good test is to go and progress restless ghost to the point where you take the skull off the altar (causing the altar to change into a version that lacks the skull) then die and relog. You should now see the skull present on the altar again.

Are there any tricky things testers should keep an eye out for?

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  • Yes, as follows:

  • I have tested these changes thoroughly.

  • This requires extra testing due to changes to architecture or other similarly risky changes.

  • I used the Thanos Tool for any JSON edits, I did not edit any JSON files by hand (MR will be rejected if there are manual JSON edits).

  • I acknowledge that this contribution will be released under the AGPL license.

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